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Premium Intarsia Patterns

Intarsia patterns take a lot of time and creativity to draw.  Now, you can enjoy building and owning these works of fine art for yourself.

Using these premium intarsia patterns, will allow you to spend more time working with the wood instead of pencil and paper. These are art show tested patterns and have proven to be great sales generators. So boost your woodworking to the next level. 
Just click on the pictures to see the patterns.

Intarsia eagle woodworking design in four levels.

Intarsia eagle pattern design art

Click Here "Flying Home"

Take intarsia to a new level of design and beauty.

This hope chest with intarsia front displays three horses running to water at sunset. Truly this will be a treasured heirloom for your family.

Intarsia art of Running Horses

Hope Chest Plans Included !

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Now is the time to move your work from simple crafts, to the "art" of woodworking, using these proven intarsia patterns to implement your progress.

The "Surfer's Dream" was wall size but is now reduced to 36" x 48."
  What a great design for those sportsman that love the ocean.

intarsia pattern wave

These intarsia designs can increase your business !
<img alt="Road to the sun intarsia pattern" style="border: 5 outset #F79E08; longdesc=" intarsia="" woodworking="" coffee="" table"="" data-cke-saved-src="intarsiaart/Road%20to%20the%20Sun%20sm.jpg" src="intarsiaart/Road%20to%20the%20Sun%20sm.jpg" height="222" width="319">

Tables are great way to create referrals because they are center pieces for any room  and sure to bring up the question "Wow ! Who made that ?"

I  have a lot more intarsia patterns which I'll be adding soon.... You can go to page 2 to get a preview !

Special !!!
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You'll  learn my method of building fine furniture
using intarsia as a design 
tool and receive

Premium Patterns

 Intarsia  Patterns Free

How to do intarsia art

Before you purchase a pattern, download and print out a multiple page  free intarsia pattern. This will show you the quality of our patterns and the compatibility of your printer to our system.

You'll find that a most of my intarsia patterns don't have a lot of pieces.

 I try to keep it simple. Sometimes intarsia pictures are over worked with too many pieces of wood .

Use no more pieces than are necessary to depict the objects story, let the grain of the wood do the work, instead of using more pieces.

 I try to look for production output as well as  a beautiful design.

Drawing intarsia designs 
with software can be very confusing at first. 

The learning curve
can be long and I just don't have the time to put in to it. 

The vector drawing program 
I now use is  
 "Xara X."

Its fast, quick to learn.

 You can draw your intarsia or other woodworking projects with this software.

Check it out here:

  "Xara X." 


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